because home cooked meals are important


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We have been fueled by the desire to help people put healthy meals on the table. We strive to create something practical and actionable - something beyond a recommendation to cook more home-made meals - we strive to engineer a tool to make it easier to eat more healthy meals.

Our wish is to see more people enjoying their meals at the family table. We see children laughing and exploring new tastes. We see dishes full of healthy food. Not complicated food, but the most delicious food because it was made with the healthiest ingredients and love. We see friendships forming and we see people caring for one another. That's our dream.

Because home cooked meals are important.

The SHCOOK team


Growing up in Italy, there were many "normal" things that later on I discovered were not necessarily so "normal" for everyone. At home, we ate lunch and dinner every day at the family table: several courses, every day. It was "normal" for us children to talk about our day. It was "normal" to see the food brought to the table in a large serving dish and from there portioned by my mother into each plate directly at the table.

Fast forward a few years and here I am living in the US. So many different things: language, culture, habits. You really learn that there is nothing "normal"; there only is what you are used to. And you learn to keep an open mind, to embrace what is good and positive. You adapt. But one thing I never got used to was seeing how little importance home cooked meals have (allow me to generalize here, I know there is a large variation among families).

Then, in these past few years, I start hearing and reading more and more often about the importance of eating healthy food, and that the easiest way to have full control of what you eat is by cooking it yourself. Finally, things are becoming more "normal" also here in the USA! I have followed with much interest the evolution of the importance of the "home cooked meal".

But here's the thing: even though I believe that a large part of the population does in fact want to prepare meals at home, it is not a trivial task. There's the shopping, the cooking, the picky eaters and the allergies, the job interfering and - where are all those people cleaning up after me? I never see chefs on TV cleaning up after themselves - why is nobody cleaning my kitchen? It is possible to set aside a few hours per week to cook, but it is the "every day" thing that is the deal breaker for most people.

I love to cook. I have been cooking for my whole life. As a kid, I was helping my mother and not even realizing that I was cooking. I was just helping with simple tasks at first (no one else could make the grooves in the gnocchi - it was my job!) and then I found myself cooking without ever realizing I learned to do it. Do children realize that they are learning to walk? Or to speak?

When I moved to the US, I kept my habit of cooking all my meals and so many times I found myself saying to my friends "on your way home from the office, if you just stop by my house you can pick up dinner for you and xxx". And so many times, the not-so-convincing response from my friends was "nooooo, I couldn't possibly accept it....". I found myself replying "no problem at all, as long as I am cooking for us, it is no extra effort to cook a few more portions". That's the Italian way. It is "normal".

Now you see how "normal" it was for the SHCOOK idea to come to my mind: take turns in cooking, be more efficient, help each other. It is not a crazy-revolutionary-idea, it is simple. And realizing that it is a simple idea meant for me realizing that it is a good idea. You know those moments when you think "why didn't I think of that before?" It generally indicates that you're on to something.